Applied R&D

Changrong Ji

Founder AI Lead
CareFirst BLueCross BlueShield

Dr. Mahesh Shukla

MD,DrPH Physician
Data Scientist

Dr. David Patton

Data Science,
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Dr. Alex Antoniou

MD,MBA, Physician
Venture & SOcial Capital

Dr. Xue Yang

MD,PhD; Data Science
Consultant, CMS/NeW Wave

Antonio Linari

Natural Language Processing
CTO, expert system

James Scott

Machine Learning,
Deep Learning
Data Scientist, CAreFirst BCBS

Premdutt Gaur

Data Science, IT Integration
CareFIrst BlueCross BLueShield

Dr. Annastasiah Mhaka

Digital Health
board member, BELchem, Academic Drug Discovery

Dr. Zev Lavon

Senior consultant

Dr. Xingguo Zhang

Data Science
washington state

Dr. Sam Chen

Genetics AI
foundeR, 410 AI, former professor, NIH scientific review officer

Dr. Lloyd Brodsky

Social Determinants of Health

Carson Herrick

Virtual & Augmented

Vance Degen

Data Science Intern
Deep Learning
DaTA Visualization

Moises Jaramillo

Full Stack Architect

Mark Marciante

Director of Product and technology, HIghmark health

Board of Advisors

Mark Cullen, MD

Population Health COnsultant

Ben Carroll

Chief Data Officer
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Greg Ewing, JD/MPH

Chief Compliance Officer Trillium Health

Operations & IT

Garrison Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer,
A3 enterprsie

Jerome Mathias

IT Platform
senior director, cognizant

Wen Ji

Cyber Security,
enterprise archiect, allegis
VP, cocosystems

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